Raw Honeycomb

Raw Honeycomb

There is no better definition for natural honey than HONEYCOMB. Bees at the peak of the nectar-flowing season create top quality, thin and delicate beeswax containing the most complex honey, rich in pollen content with no filtration whatsoever.

At Honey by the Sea we avoid the use of beeswax foundation, allowing the bees to create every bit of beeswax from scratch. With this technique our HONEYCOMB produced is thin and delicate. So thin that you can even swallow it.

Did you know bees consume 9kg of honey to produce 1kg of Beeswax?... I know - so much honey compromised on the beeswax making... but that is why it is hard to find and such a precious product.

We love it on oat crackers, blue cheese and a slice of fig or pear...you?

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