Honey by the sea

Sea spray, Cliffs, native trees and bees. We Are here in Leigh. Small bays with old history. Rich natural environment. Little community and proud dreamers. Fishermen, farmers, scientists, surfers and beekeepers…by the Sea.  

Our philosophy is on tune with the seasons. Our honey is a reflection of the climate, the terroir, the trees and the bees.

Every year a new alchemy. We are small, humble and learning from them what they have known for millions of years…HONEY.

Honey by the sea is a SINGLE ORIGIN honey. We are based in the “big Omaha” area.. Pakiri-Leigh-Matakana. Coastal native forest of Manuka, Kanuka, Pohutukawa, flax, cabbage trees…

and opposing to what the industry is promoting we don’t buy cheap honey and blend it. We know exactly where it is coming from. Have you asked yourself where your honey is coming from?