Smoked Honeycomb

Smoked Honeycomb

The oldest bee fossil suggests Honeybees have been on the planet for 30 million years. Flowering trees have diversified and expanded their range for the last 25 million years. Amongst other pollinators Honey Bees have made this proliferation a resounding success.


Fire - Trees - Bees - Honey


For all this time wild Honeybees have lived in different landscapes nesting in Cliffs and hollow trees. Wildfires and smoke are elements that go deep in the “DNA” of Honeybees as part of their natural hazards. Research has shown that wild bees can retreat and survive under wildfire pressure with most of the nest intact. Including the honeycomb.

Rethinking the idea of Smoked Honeycomb we got to understand that we are REDISCOVERING  a flavour created millions of years ago by Nature.

It is a taste that not only “works” but it is the result of natural history.


After a few years of trial, friend reunions and dinner parties we are bringing to you what is our big secret: THE WORLD’S FIRST Manuka Smoked HONEYCOMB to be precise.

Slowly smoked for 10 hours the unique flavour of Manuka wood sticks to the beeswax comb producing a unique aroma and balanced taste to the palate. 

This new release is dedicated to Morgan Haines. She started with the idea and as her nature dictates we had to make it happen. Out of this fascinating experiment Honey by the Sea Smoked Honeycomb was created. Salud for years to come!