Smoked Honeycomb

Smoked Honeycomb

The world’s first-ever cold Mānuka-smoked honeycomb, made by seaside bees in Leigh.

Following a summer of foraging amongst coastal pōhutukawa trees, we expose our premium honeycomb to a slow, cold nuka smoke for 10 hours.

Eating this delicate golden-coloured comb is a culinary experience to savour. The slow smoking process produces a distinctive aroma and unique sweet-yet-savoury flavour. Delish!

To create this interesting eat, we were inspired by the idea of ancient flavours, naturally occurring in nature. 30 million years ago, before man, wild honey bees would nest in the top of trees and their honeycombs would often face wildfires. We began to wonder what that would taste like and recreated it for you to experience.

 It pairs well on a cheese board, especially with blue cheese and crackers, and tastes great on top of French toast. It can also be used to enhance savoury flavours. If you really want to test your creative limits add it to your favourite cocktail as a smokey sweetener!



This unique product is currently available in Farro’s Auckland stores and here online, direct from us.