Introducing our Mānuka Cold Smoked Honeycomb - a world first!

Andres has been getting creative, re-inventing ancient natural flavours into the world’s first smoked honeycomb (made by humans!) and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Eating it is an experience to savour. First, there’s its distinctive smoky aroma. Next comes the sweet-yet-savoury taste of the delicate golden-coloured comb. It’s delish!

Like good wine, the area where honey comes from defines its taste. Our smoked honeycomb’s delicate texture and salty afternotes reflects the native trees and salty terroir here in Leigh that the bees have feasted on over the summer.

And like all good ideas, we were at home with friends and we started talking about what would happen if we smoked honeycomb. 

The oldest bee fossils suggest that honey bees have been on the planet for 30 million years. Amongst other pollinators honey bees have been a resounding success, thriving with the many flowering plants that have diversified and flourished over the millenia.

Before man, wild honey bees would nest in the top of the tree and their honeycombs would often face wildfires. We wondered what this would taste like and were inspired to revive this ancient flavour.

To create this premium honeycomb we expose the raw honeycomb to a slow cold mānuka smoke for 10-hours. 

This new release is dedicated to Morgan Haines. She started with the idea and as her nature dictates we had to make it happen. Out of this fascinating experiment Honey by the Sea’s Mānuka Cold Smoked Honeycomb was created. 

Salud for years to come!

So unique it isn’t available anywhere else on the globe.

To try the first release of our world first, you can get it direct from us online or pop into your nearest Farro store in Auckland.

It pairs well on a cheese board, especially with blue cheese and crackers, and tastes great on top of French toast. It can also be used to enhance savoury flavours and even cocktails as a smokey sweetener. Get your creative on :)