Our goal is bring you seasons in a jar. We are out there with the bees and the honey they make is not more that a pure reflection of their environment. The rainfall, the winds, the spray of the sea is all expressed in the trees and flowers. Bees forage nectar and pollen making honey that speaks for the season. Next year will be different.


To ensure the quality we use low filtration and minimal heating. We do not want the honey above hive temperature. Pollen, propolis, enzymes and lots of micro-elements will make this honey unique to this area. By the Sea.



This honey is 100% is as it came from the hive but filtered enough to remove most of the wax and bee bits. All the natural goodness is preserved. Raw honey is liquid when extracted but may become semisolid through a natural process called crystallization. Different nectar sources, different crystals, different experience…a whole universe season by season. Far from being wrong, crystallization preserves the flavors and aromas over time, maturing the honey like a good wine.




Our Creamed honey is 100 % pure honey, no extra elements added. Creaming is a physical process, not a chemical one. The creamy texture relies on a controlled crystallization, which is a natural process in honey. Raw honey left in a jar crystallizes. When we “cream” honey we try to ensure the honey forms small crystals. The gentle stir creates a honey with very small crystals that interlock each other creating a smooth, thick and silky texture with a balanced palate. Ideal to spread in your toast.